Welcome to the International Festival of Roman Noir

 Frontignan – France

Le FIRN en 2015redux
firn vargas redux

Since 1998, the International Festival of Roman Noir (FIRN) has set itself the task of bringing a new perspective on contemporary mistery literature, which has been largely underestimated, to give its nobility to a genre that has considerably Enriched literature in general and inspired by other artistic forms such as cartoon, cinema, visual arts … The specificity of the FIRN consists in highlighting a strong theme around which invited authors (literature, comics or cinema) and specialists from different backgrounds. The theme, which is organized into round tables or debates regulated by facilitators (journalists, researchers, academics, publishers, etc.), or in public readings in the public space or in particular spaces, makes it possible to approach coherently the concerns at the heart of Roman noir of today.

Since 1998, the festival has dealt with such diverse and current themes over the years as “The New World Disorder”, “Intimacy and the Black Roman”, “Mysteries and Beliefs”, “The Continents of the Noir”, “Science and Fantasy “,” Facts and novels “,” The society of the spectacle “,” Identities and Roman Noir “,” The American Roman Noir “,” Intimate memory and collective history “,” Does the Roman Noir save the world? , “The Border”, “The Metamorphosis of Heroes”, “Family Affairs”, “Strange Foreigners” and last year the theme “Death of Laughter”. The FIRN welcomed more than 450 authors, among them some of the most prestigious, as well as others little known or emerging, to discover and some of which have gained today a real notoriety.
Americans : James Crumley, Elmore Leonard, Jerome Charyn, Dennis Lehane, George C. Chesbro, Gregory Mac Donald, Jack O’Connell, Daniel Woodrell, George V. Higgins, Henry Joseph, Jim Nisbet, Daniel Evan Weiss, Bob Leuci, Pat Cadigan, James Grady, Sparkle Hayter, Giles Blunt, Vicki Hendricks, Craig Holden, Michael Nava, Jason Starr, William Bayer, CJ Box, Tim Cockey, Jake Lamar, Jerry Stahl, Ace Atkins, Larry Beinhart, Stuart Kaminsky, Thomas H. Cook, Don Winslow, Thomas Kelly, Myles Hyman, Adam Braver, David Vann, PG Sturges, Mark Haskell Smith, Daniel Friedman, Christa Faust, J. David Osborne…

British : Val McDermid, Colin Wilson, Bill James, John Harvey, Tom Rob Smith, Lauren Henderson, Nicholas Blincoe, William Mc Ilvanney, HRF Keating, Iain Pears, Hector Mc Donald, Michael Marshall Smith, Maxim Jakubowsky, John L.Williams, John Mc Laren, Julia Wallis Martin, Campbell Armstrong, Stella Duffy, Daniel Easterman, Lucy Wadham, Mark Billingham, Graham Hurley, Peter May, Maureen O’ Brien, Peter James, Jonathan Trigell, Colin Bateman, Russell James, Tim Willocks, Simon Lewis, RJ Ellory, Sam Millar, Percy Kemp, Tony 0 Neil, Oliver Harris, Dan Waddell, David Peace, Jake Arnott, Jim Powell…

Italians: Marcello Fois, Cesare Battisti, Valerio Evangelisti, Carlo Lucarelli, Nino Fillasto, Nicoletta Vallorani, Andrea G. Pinketts, Mario Spezi…

Spanishes  : Alicia Gimenez Bartlett, Ed, Maria Antonia Oliver, Lorenzo Silva, Jose Overejo, Victor del Arbol, Marc Pastor, Dolores Redondo… les argentins Carlos Sampayo, José Munoz, Jorge Aldereta

Frenches: Thierry Jonquet, Jean Claude Izzo, Didier Daeninckx, Dominique Manotti, Guillaume Bouzard, Frantz Delplanque, B-Gnet, DOA, Natacha Calestrémé, Caryl Ferey, Daniel Casanave, Sandrine Colette, JM Erre, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Fabcaro, Marc Villard, Ambre, Alain Demouzon, Eric Halphen, Michel Quint, Guillaume Guerse, Patrik Raynal, Richard Morgiève, Patrick Mosconi, Hugues Pagan, Andréa H Japp, Chantal Pelletier, Hervé Le Corre, Sophie Loubière, Ingrid Astier, Maud Tabachnick, Pascal Dessaint, Pierre Duba, Alexandra Schwartzbrod, Jean-Hugues Oppel, Pascal Osganian, Francis Zamponi, Claude Amoz, Marcus Malte, Mattt Konture, Dominique Sigaud, Virginie Brac, Dominique Sylvain, Stéphane Bourgoin, Romain Slocombe, MichèleLesbre, Florence Cestac, Patrick Bard, Hervé Claude, Martin Winckler, Reno Lemaire, René Frégni, Edwi Plenel, Daniel Goossens, Jean-Pierre Gattegno, Brigitte Aubert, Winshluss, Olivier Truc et Fred Vargas (Godmother of the Festival).