FIRN from 11th to 13th September, 2020

The international “Roman Noir” festival (FIRN) will not take place from June 5th to 7th, 2020 in Frontignan as initially planned, uncertainties linked to the current world health situation has led us to make this decision.

But, like all other literary events, the FIRN is part of a chain of economic productions and promotions of books and public reading.

Like many, we have chosen to promote passionate authors and passionate publishers who show the world as it is and contribute to its readability; readers, above all, to whom the festival opens doors, through meetings and workshops, on raw, harsh literature, often rebellious, always interrogating and invigorating.

And, like some, we strive to choose in advance a theme each year that determines the choices of novels and the round table subjects: “resistance (s), resilience” for this 23rd edition … a subheading that now makes the headlines, resounds like an echo and rumbles like thunder.

For all these reasons, the FIRN will now be held from 11th to 13th September, 2020, of course, if the state of emergency at that moment permits. We very much hope so. Because the social emergency does not wait. Because we will need words, verse, exchanges that continue to refuse the unacceptable and to accept only the refusal of the continuity.

Because the FIRN has planned – and will maintain an objective – to become an instutional project by setting up its pavilion within the Maurice-Clavel vocational High School, in the midst of young people having a “2nd chance” to learn the public assistance trades, from home assistance to food distribution…

Therefore Rendez-vous in September, with this years’guest of honour, the American writer Joe R.Lansdale, amidst the fifty (50)other invited authors. Until then,take good care of yourselves and the others.